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Thinking of Downsizing in a New 55+ Community 16 lots to pick from. ( ask about No property taxes)

These lots are  for 1 or 2 bedroom homes that are designed to meet your needs with open space between them. With a front yard that can be fenced to meet HOA requirements. All the lots are long term leased @ $350.00 per mth with water & sewer provided and are 100% transferable when you need to sell.   That makes your Villa more affordable with no up front cost buying the lot. Villas starting at $115.000.  Yes you can get a mortgage if needed on the lease lot. Up to 30 years

The HOA will have some of the construction details with in it as well as services included

All the homes will have Victorian  style looks on the front elevation. There will be a  front porch that can fit a swing or rocking chairs on it. With a min. 12 ft. wide covered carport. This will help the location to keep its name in check,  Edgewood Victorian Villas . The children of the mothership

How would you like to be the builder and build your own new Villa or build a spec home for sale.

  This is what makes our 55+ Community  location so affordable and unique from all other locations. With my 45 years of home construction back ground and I as your  consultant you get what you want in your Villa. This 55+ Community  is not built as a assisted living location but the HOA does not restrict you from having a live in setter if needed. 

On the grounds And our little town

We have  on location an area for a small garden if you garden or if you wish to take a try at the green thumb you have not used. Yes,  we are pet friendly  (domesticated) 1  per person 25lbs. or less we even have a pet cemetery it has our horse in it. Limited space for on site storage available for home owners living on site. Got a pool for laps or just to layout, we have event locations a rustic barn, steamboat pavilion and a Bed &Breakfast that you can book if you have need to.  We only have 4 red lights, Hospital with Emergency room and a Walmart. Oh ya the 15,250 acre   Lake Dar'bonne

Your Questions and My Answers

I have made some points that may help you in your need to downsize  if you will go to the contact us page and send me a note I will get back with you, I am old school for the most part so I would  rather talk  than text so leave me a number if you will.